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Send me your best frags!

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Ryan, 2 September 2016.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Earth Administrator Network Admin

    Hi all,

    I'm going to be doing something similar to siN (except confined to our community for now).

    Send me demos of your best frags/moments on the GameShock servers and I'll edit them up to feature in a series of videos!

    Upload them as a zip file to somewhere like OneDrive, Mega or MediaFire. Anywhere that isn't shady!
    Send them to me via email: ryan@gameshock.net and I'll pick them up.

    Thanks guys!

    The YouTube channel they will be uploaded to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCooLpLgayENhYDL_tKzrICQ
  2. Shaz

    Shaz Awesome Member

    That's a very nice idea. I'll start recording next time I play on the servers and see if I do something good enough!
  3. crazygmr

    crazygmr Member

    Can we upload them using the site people use to send demos to siN (i.e. zippyshare)?
  4. TheOfficialJaykay

    TheOfficialJaykay Administrator Network Admin

    If the site is known and trustworthy then by all means upload it there.
  5. Skel

    Skel Awesome Member

    So what kinda demos? Funny or serious, long or short? Do they have to be on a GS server? Also im definately gonna do this!!
  6. Vrodish

    Vrodish Irregular regular VIP Member

  7. Ryan

    Ryan Earth Administrator Network Admin

    I forgot to reply to this...

    You can pick the length, theme etc... Funny is often good.
    And yes, we'd like them on our servers! :)
  8. Jortand

    Jortand Awesome Member

    when will you make the video and when is the lastest date you can send frags to you?
  9. Ryan

    Ryan Earth Administrator Network Admin

    There's no time limit, but I'll be making the first one when I've recieved about 5 minutes worth of usable footage.
  10. Vrodish

    Vrodish Irregular regular VIP Member

    So people, don't waste more time, go to gameshock servers and record some gameplay, i don't want to be the only one sending gameplay :D

    (i have more to come, i'll add them on my first post)

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