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IMPORTANT Avoiding scammers... The simple, easy to follow guide.

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Trading' started by Ryan, 24 May 2016.

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  1. Ryan

    Ryan Earth Administrator Network Admin

    So. You've received a friend invite from someone. No comment on your profile, no nothing. What do you do?

    Have a flowchart!:
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    Last edited: 24 May 2016
  2. Zeriab

    Zeriab Poking you gently with a bullet VIP Member

    If someone asks if they can "borrow" any item from you, the probably mean whether they can have it from you for free.
    Also, be wary of strange links as well. They could very well lead to sites which tries to infect you with malware.
  3. Vex

    Vex The Royal Ban Hammer

    Spotting an account that's trying to steal your stuff is fairly easy if you know what to look for. Including the above stuff, things like SteamRep come in extremely handy for looking at a user's profile.

    For example, here's mine!


    As you can tell, it'll show many useful pieces of information about a user and user on their friends list.
  4. shadybar

    shadybar Awesome Member

    well ty guys for this one help alot!
    --- Double Post Merged, 7 June 2016 ---
    well ty guys for this one help alot!
  5. YingYangMcYow

    YingYangMcYow Member

    I have to hand it to you Ryan, this is a great guide to avoiding scammers.
  6. pErfeCtgOd

    pErfeCtgOd Member

    Also If They pay for your item over Paypal make Sure they Select payment to friends and family. If they do via Item or goods they can file a chargeback and yeah you are scammed! Avoid this. Also never Trade a player who promises of future payment or trade unless you know that person for a long time
  7. Nova

    Nova Regular

    Thanks for the charts and tips for avoid scammers :D
  8. GridedXeno

    GridedXeno Member

    Thx I that helped my trades :3
  9. Xdlomad

    Xdlomad Member

    thanks! this is a lot of help
  10. Table Flippin'

    Table Flippin' Member

    And if someone sends a link with some letters missing and they say: "Just add this and this to the link" don't do it!
  11. adin

    adin Active Member

  12. Ryan

    Ryan Earth Administrator Network Admin

    This is in now way perfect. It's still your fault if you can't check someone on SteamRep.
    This is a guideline, and only that.
  13. KnuckleJoe

    KnuckleJoe Regular

    Nice guide.

    One point I will disagree with is the Steam level over 10 thing. It is very easy to buy and craft badges to raise a level even after just one successful scam. I'll give you the bit afterward telling people to be careful, though.

    Something you could mention as well is not to trust profile rep. +rep on a profile page means nothing, as the user does not have to show what they did to get a +rep and they can easily delete any negative comments if they want to.

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