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For announcements.

Dear community,

Thank you for sticking with us for all this time. No, really. The people who've been dedicated to us for so long deserve a medal, if only we could.

With that in mind it's time for us to bid farewell to our game servers and the majority of our community.
It's been a nearly 5 year journey across different community names hosting different games and services. It's been a fun ride but even the greatest things must come to a close at some point and we've hit that point.

There's been a lack of support from Valve and the TF2 community causing us to lose all sense of drive and passion to what used to be our favourite game. Team Fortress 2 has been at the center of all our hearts for years and because of that we provisioned game servers. Many of them in fact, just to give us and the community somewhere to call home.
A long time ago when we hosted Minecraft servers, we were popular, unique and inclusive welcoming many members each day. That slowly started to degrade as more servers came online and more popular YouTube personalities advertised them causing normal communities (like ours) to grind to a painful halt.

Fast forward nearly 3 years and GameShock was born. We had a vision, to create the most kick-ass multiplayer game server experience there could be. We thought we did it, but when there was little response from the community, we thought we were doing something wrong. We were. Our servers were unique but in a way that scared players away, we'd have quake sounds, fancy unusual effects on weapons etc... cool in principle but only really suitable for a trade server.
After rectifying most of this problem, I got in contact with Uncle Dane through Reddit. We spoke for a while and then we were made his official TF2 servers. This went well, really well and we were all super happy about it, the servers were full, we were making a profit to pay for our servers and most importantly the community was booming.

After a while, the servers started to drop...
Hey everyone!

So we were thinking about hosting Final Frontier for Garry's Mod and we wanted to know whether you guys would be interested. For those who don't know, Final Frontier is essentially "FTL: Faster Than Light" but in first person and multiplayer. It is an old gamemode that has recently been resurrected and we think it would be fun to give this gamemode a shot.

For those who would like to know more about the gamemode itself, please direct your attention to the following links:
Workshop Page
Facepunch Page

We would love to hear your thoughts on this proposal so please drop a comment below to let us know what you think!
DarkRP is now live! A lot of work went into this server and we are finally able to release it!

Our final addon list can be found here! If you have any suggestions for addons you would like to potentially see, please let us know and it could make its way onto the server!

Make sure to check out our rules which can be found here! These will show up when you join the server and can be re-opened at any time by typing "!motd" into chat!

If you are wanting a few extra perks then consider becoming a VIP! Becoming a VIP with give you the folloing extras on the DarkRP server:
  • $15000 extra starting cash
  • Access to the Hitman job
  • Access to the Secret Agent job
  • Access to the Radio DJ job
  • Ability to purchase a Pro Lockpick
  • Ability to purchase a Pro Keypad Cracker
  • Ability to purchase an Emerald Printer
  • VIP only printer upgrades
  • 75 props instead of 50
  • Reserved slots
Existing VIPs will get all the same perks upon joining the server.

To join the server click here!
If the server is full and you're a VIP then you can type this into your console in the game to use your reserved slot - connect

We hope to see some of you guys on the server, as we have been looking forward to getting DarkRP out!